Small Steel Post

4″ x 4″ x 57″ Matching Steel Post for the Small Standard Mailbox.

Fort Knox Mailboxes can be mounted to just about any type of post that is made out of most structural materials. Our mailboxes come with four holes drilled in the bottom of the mailbox for easy mounting to multiple surfaces. We do recommend that whatever you are mounting a Fort Knox Mailbox too, is substantial and can handle the weight of the mailbox. You also want it mounted in a way that keeps the mailbox from being stolen. If what you have is not going to support your new mailbox, then we have a matching 57″ long steel post that is pre-drilled to match the holes in the mailbox. It installs just like a fence post, and depending upon what size of mailbox you have, it will need to be buried 2 feet in the ground and cemented in. If you need a post to be surface mounted to a sidewalk or cement slab, then we have surface mount posts (Breakaway) as well.

(Mailbox Sold Separately)

Available Options:
– In-Ground Post for cementing in a dirt area.
– Surface Mount (Break-Away) for bolting to cement. +$18
– Add a 1/4″ Steel Paper Box if you get the newspaper.
– Color Choice


Small Post Choice

Add a Newspaper Box

Color Choice

The steel posts that we use to support our heavy mailboxes:

( 4″ x 4″ x 57″ Long for the Small Standard Mailbox ).
(If you have a preexisting post, make sure it can support our mailbox weight)

The post comes separate from the mailbox and is bolted from underneath with “carriage bolts,” so that no theft of the mailbox is possible.  This is also ideal if you move, and want to take the mailbox with you instead of pulling the steel post out of the concrete.  Posts are made of 10 gauge square tubing.  (10 gauge = 1/8″). The posts are buried in 2+ feet of concrete.

Weight42 lbs
Dimensions4 × 4 × 57 in