Our customers are happy - and some maybe too happy?

We want to thank all of our happy customers that have taken time out of their
busy schedules to let us know how they feel.

“Thank you for the great service and an OUSTANDING product, keep up the good work.”




“I thought you might like a picture of my
recently installed Fort Knox Mailbox.
I’m very happy with it!”


“Guys, Thanks for the beautiful mailbox and mounting post. It was beautifully packaged and arrived with nary a scratch. I dug the post hole with the aid of a jackhammer to get past some deep rocks and concrete, but I was able to get it done. If anything, I went too deep, but that’s always better than not deep enough.
I’m waiting for the concrete to cure, then I’ll mount the mailbox on the post. But even now it’s pretty darn solid. Thanks for the beautiful piece of work, and thanks for getting it here so quickly.”
A happy customer.


This box is for our dream home, which probably won’t be done until early next year. We just wanted to gather some things in advance. At least we will NEVER have to worry about the safety of our mail thanks to you and your product. Also, I am so glad to be able to support an American manufacturer that still builds things in the USA”


“The Fort Knox ‘Fortress’ mailbox I recently installed exceeded all expectations. Yes, it was more expensive than other alternatives, but far surpassed them in quality of build and finish. I had it installed in a custom brick pillar, and my professional mason said it was the finest mailbox he had ever worked with. He wanted to know where I had obtained it, as he felt other clients, especially commercial clients and others wanting locking security, would be interested. I would recommend Fort Knox products to anyone who is tired of replacing mailboxes and wants one that is secure and will last a lifetime.”


South Dakota

Got my mail box today, the quality is awesome your advertisement is totally truthful!!
Thanks a million, Fort Knox all the way bad guy’s with hoodies can go somewhere else to steal U.S. mail!



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