Our customers are happy - and some maybe too happy?

We want to thank all of our happy customers that have taken time out of their
busy schedules to let us know how they feel.

“Thank you so much. I am a mail carrier and I recommend your boxes to everyone I know. I deliver to the ones you have in roy, wa. and they are great. thanks,”



“You installed “The Fortress” at our house about 4 years ago. Last night we had a large delivery made to our residence in Port Orchard via 40′ Semi which required backing down our driveway. I am sorry we don’t have a photo. But in trying to back down the driver hit the box and I heard the wrenching of metal. On further investigation the front bumper of the Kenworth was bent 50 degrees from normal and although the post of the mailbox was loose in the dirt there is not even a scratch in the paint of our box. We are talking 5′ of bumper hanging out in front of the truck. I was awestruck. A great product. Thanks Again”

-Greg & Mary Jo


“I’m glad to see you are still building mailboxes. The whole community has been very happy with ours!!!!!!! Keep up the good work.”



“Thank you so much for our wonderful mailbox. We absolutely love it!”



“Thank you for doing such a great and clean job on our mailbox installs!”



“Just wanted to let you know we finally received our break-away post last Wednesday, and the mailbox arrived on Thursday. This was in accordance with the dates provided on the FedEx tracking numbers. The mailbox arrived in perfect condition and was exactly what we wanted. We were very impressed with the quality of construction. However, we were very skeptical when we saw the shipping carton for the post. It was badly crushed and water-stained (the cardboard was still damp). One side of the carton had heavy scrape marks, as if it had been dragged along the pavement–I think the carton must have fallen off the truck somewhere on its way to Salem, OR. But when we removed the post from the carton we were pleasantly surprised to see that it wasn’t even scratched. You did a great job packing these items. The extra time and materials were well worth the effort. Otherwise we’d be sitting here right now, waiting for a replacement post. Anyway, we completed the installation this past weekend, and the postman left here about an hour ago, after installing the Arrow lock. He was as impressed as we were with the general quality and configuration of your product. He said he’d never seen another mailbox like this one anywhere in the City of Loma Linda (population about 21,000). He also made reference to our particular neighborhood, where there is a high rate of vandalism and theft (they even steal entire mailboxes–including the USPS mail drop boxes, unbolting them from their attachments!). The postman felt the security provided by your Fort Knox design was well worth the extra investment.”



“I got the mailbox installed Thanksgiving morning. The adapter worked great. The whole system is a tank, lets just see some scumbag try to mess with it now!”



“Thank you all great product a work of art.”


New York

“Thought you might enjoy these photos of a recent installation. We love our box and Thank You for the wonderful job and installation. “

-The Fords


“I just wanted you to know that our mailbox is up and functional- It is FANTASTIC and so BEAUTIFUL. We are thrilled with it- Many thanks.”


New York

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