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Our customers are happy - and some maybe too happy?

We want to thank all of our happy customers that have taken time out of their
busy schedules to let us know how they feel.

“First of all, thank you for the wonderful Fort Knox Mailbox for our home. It will provide us with many years of security and good looks. In fact, it may outlast our house!…. Attached, is a picture of me and our Fort Knox Mailbox. My wife and I thought you’d get a kick out of it.”

-Michael V.

California, Fort Knox Mailbox Owner

“Fort Knox:
You guys are the best! The mailbox was sent to me very quickly and it’s the best I’ve ever seen. When you love a mailbox this much, you have to customize it. My new pal, Mick at “Bad Ass Paint” located in Los Angeles customized my Fort Knox mailbox with an incredible one of a kind paint job. Since I live in a canyon in Los Angeles the kids go up and down each side of the street batting the mailboxes. Now with the Fort Knox mailbox I don’t have any worries now. Also, theft is no longer a concern either. This thing is a beast. Sometimes it is the little things in life that make us the happiest.
All the best,”



“The custom Vacationer that you made for us really looks great, now that I finally got it installed! You make the best security boxes that anyone could even think of manufacturing! I think my neighbors are envious, as one kept stopping by to watch our progress as we mounted the box on the post yesterday! FYI, should you be interested in my post’s construction, it’s a full 6″ x 6″ dimensional rough sawn heart redwood post that I designed myself. The vertical part is ten feet long, with about 15″ of it above the mailbox’s top and and 3.5 feet of the post is set in concrete. The Vacationer sits on the post at 42″ above the road surface. I attached the box with eight 3/8″ stainless steel hanger bolts, that are set three inches in the redwood with the machine threads extending 7/8″ above the surface. For sealing out the rain water between the box and the post, I added a perimeter of 1/4″ foam weather stripping to the post with eight rubber washers around each hanger bolt before it was set in place! The bolts are capped off on the inside with; rubber washers, stainless flat washers, and stainless steel acorn nuts. Thanks again for making such a first class product! I hope my post is worthy of your mailbox, at least it’s just as sturdy!”

-John & Barbara


1st Email:

“I had my Fort Knox mailbox hit three times (all hit and run). After the second time the box, along with the concrete, was knocked out the ground (pictures above) I “wisely” reset the box with 8 bags of concrete (w/rebar reinforcement). Thus, the third time it was hit it was a real pain in the *$# to deal with! I learned my lesson… cut the post off at the ground, had a welding shop extend the post to 6′, and reset it… this time with much less concrete.”

2nd Email:

“Hello, Glad you got the photos. The problems we’ve had since we switched to the Fort Knox Mailbox aren’t as annoying as having to constantly replace vandalized mailboxes. Resetting the Fort Knox box every couple of years is better than buying and replacing a cheaper box every 3 months! Joe S.”


Takes a lickn’ and keeps on tickn’. I’d like to see another mailbox go through that!

– Thanks !


“Hello, Just wanted to tell you that the mailbox arrived today in excellent condition. It is AWESOME!!! I can’t wait to install it at the curb. And thank you for the business cards…I will definitely give them out to people, like myself, that want a bit more security and durability from their mailboxes. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that I work for USPS and know of some mailboxes that need replacing….LOL!!! I can’t wait till my husband gets home from work and sees it. (Creepy that I am so excited about a mailbox…but it is definitely a work of art to me!!!) Thanks again to you and the whole crew there at Fort Knox Mailboxes….You guys are the BEST!!!!”



“Big brother, this is our kinda mailbox. M-60’s won’t touch it,
maybe a 50 Cal, but not much more. 1/4” real steel.
If you want to remove it, figure on pulling out 135 pound box,
plus the post weighs an additional 45 lbs. Bring your own
APC or half track.
That should simmer down the nit wits.


“I have had some pretty bad experiences with other companies I have done business with not providing good customer service; but it is nice to see your company making customer service priority number one; goes really well with your great product (FortKnox Mailboxes). Big gold star for really awesome customer service. Give your whole team a huge thanks.”

Kind regards


“We just got our 3 small off-white mailboxes installed on the t-post and they’re really nice! I’m sure the neighbors in our cul-de-sac will take an immediate liking to them once they see ’em. Thank you so much for offering such a well crafted and secure mailbox that’s also visually appealing as well. We were very impressed with the quality of construction and have no fear of having future mail compromised in any way.

It was definitely worth the wait! Thanks again!”

-Pat F

“Thanks very much for delivering the mailbox. It looks great! Our neighbor who is getting the other brand got a look at it, and was exclaiming about how strong and good looking it is. I think he might have wanted one of yours, but maybe his wife nixed it. We’re delighted with it, and hope to install it before the week is out. My husband and neighbor will be taking care of installing all of them. Thanks too for getting us the extra keys.

My husband and neighbor installed the 3 boxes this morning, and I’ll have to say, ours really looks tough but terrific, as our neighbor told us several times! Because it’s on the end, and it’s green, it’s quite noticeable. It won’t surprise me if we start getting questions from other people in the neighborhood who see it as they drive by. It’s a very busy street. You know that I’ll be most eager to tell them about you! Thanks again for your patience with me. (GREAT personalized customer service!!!) Thanks again for making this an enjoyable process!”


“Well I am quite impressed the mail box is everything I thought and more. It is HUGE and so well made. The kid that is trashing my mailboxes, I hope he try’s again with this one. I hope he takes a metal bat and takes a big swing at it. If I see he in a arm cast I know just what happen. I am very impressed with your product and the packing your company did to get it here safely. My son told me the package stated DO NOT DROP and then commented if you dropped it you would crack the flooring. 🙂 :)”