“We have had the slam-lock mailboxes that you provided for us for a few weeks now, and we are VERY happy with them. They provide the security we want without limiting the size of the packages that can be put into the mailbox by the 1 3/4″ slot. Our mail carrier is also happy because he does not have to put packages that won’t fit through the 1 3/4” slot behind our gate or, when it is raining, take those packages back to the post office with him and leave a message for us to pick up the package at the post office. I can’t imagine why anyone would purchase the standard lock mailbox when the slam-lock mailboxes cost just a little more.

The mailboxes are constructed very well and add to the appearance of our community.

The person that installed our mailboxes oriented the bolts so the long lock nuts are on the inside of the mailbox (protruding up into the mailbox), so envelopes or packages can’t be just slid into the mailbox. Do the installation instructions call for this orientation of the bolts for some reason? Is there anything wrong with reversing the orientation so the thin, rounded bolt heads are on the inside of the mailbox? (I have reversed the orientation of the bolts in my mailbox and haven’t detected any potential problems. If someone wanted to steal the mailbox, it would be easier for them to just remove the 3 screws holding the mount to the post than to remove the bolts holding the mailbox to the mount.)

Thanks for providing us with the information that led to our selection of these slam-lock mailboxes.”