“Hey, got a FortKnox “The Fortress” mailbox, along with the steel post, about 3 years ago. It’s had a tree fall on it, and my sister inlaw back her car into it, survived both without damage. Last week I awoke to find the post laying across the driveway, 20 feet from where it was installed, a crater where it was planted and the box nowhere to be seen. Finally found it about 60 feet way, the sheared off heads of the bolts were about twice that far away, must have turned into bullets. A car smacked into it and sent it flying. It was beat up pretty bad, but other than 1 small dent, where it bounced off a boulder about halfway thru it’s flight, there was no real damage. The corner damage is fairly minor. Spent yesterday sanding down the post and box, grinding out some scratches, and repainting it all, re-planted it and it looks like brand new. That’s a mean mailbox you guys build. I doubt the car that hit it will be as easily repaired, given the amount of paint chips I found all over the driveway.”