Vault Lock Extreme!

With Medeco Lock and 2 Keys.

Our Highest Security Lock!!  Made for those who want EXTREME security. Just like our Vault Lock, but with the upgraded Medeco Lock. This lock acts just like a vault or safe where steel pins engage behind a strip of steel to keep anybody with some extra time on their hands out of this mailbox. From the front of the mailbox it looks the like our standard lock, but on the inside it shows the extreme measures we take on security.  The Vault Lock EXTREME! is like our standard Vault Lock, but instead of the standard tubular 7 pin lock, it uses the upgraded Medeco Lock.

2 keys are included with this lock.

Extra Medeco keys are $12 each.
Extra keys are sent separately via USPS.

This is an amazing set up and we’ve been selling lots of these with great success!  This lock will give you great peace of mind.


Add the Vault Lock Extreme and optional extra keys