Large Standard

12″ x 12″ x 23″ at 96 LBS. (Mailbox Only)

Here are the mailboxes that started it all over 20 years ago! These not so “Standard” mailboxes can be distinguished from our other mailboxes because they have only one lockable bottom door with an above open incoming mail slot. These mailboxes come as a “Single Service” mailbox, or you can add the outgoing mail capability.  When the outgoing mail option (which includes a flag) is added, mail is placed on a shelf between the locked door and the incoming mail slot.  To get a better idea of how this works, take a look at our cut-away views below.  The main difference between the Large and Small Standard mailboxes is the size.  The Large Standard will give you more mail storage (+2″H +2″W +2″D).  The other difference is the post size: (4″x 4″ steel post for Small Standard / 5″ x 5″ steel post for the Large Standard).   Both Standard mailboxes are made of the same 1/4″ steel shell with 3/16″ reinforced doors as is true with all our mailboxes.  The pictures accurately represent what we are currently manufacturing and what you can expect to receive.  Some photos shown will represent standard orders along with custom options and accessories as well.

Matching In-Ground post for this mailbox is: LG 5″ x 5″ x 57″.
Need a Surface Mount (Break-Away) Post for a sidewalk or cement slab installation?  We have both styles available, and you can add either post below.

* = Color must be selected in order to add to cart.

USPS Post Master General Approved!




Lock Options

Add a Rear Door

Add Flag and Outgoing Mail Option

Add a Steel Post

Optional Accessories

Add FREE Address Numbers

ADD More Address Numbers

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This mailbox is a “Limited Service” Mailbox, and is set up for incoming mail only.  If you need outgoing mail, it is an option that can be added but outgoing mail can NOT be locked.  It is important to note that the outgoing mail option when added exposes the mail for the mail carrier to see and grab.  It allows about 1-4 envelopes at a time.   If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us, or view our “FAQ” page.

The mail-carrier inserts the incoming mail into the slot (11.5″W x 1.75″H). Outgoing mail rests below the incoming slot with an optional outgoing mail capability added.  Although there is no door concealing the outgoing mail like some of our other mailbox models, outgoing mail is still available.  Note: You will need to leave your outgoing mail sticking out about an inch for the mail carrier to be able to grab. (See our cutaway view below to see an explanation of how this works).
The body of the mailbox has an overhang that will provide protection from vandalism and rain. The door is held closed with an included 7 pin tubular pick-proof lock (upgradable) and incoming mail will rest behind this locked door after the mail-carrier drops it in the slot.

Special Features of the Large Standard:

  • 96 LBS. for the Large Standard Mailbox (Mailbox only).
  • Outside dimensions 12″ Wide x 12″ High x 23″ Depth.
  • Average of 2 weeks of incoming  mail storage.
  • 1/4″ steel shell. (as with all Fort Knox Mailboxes except the M1-Lt)
  • 3/16″ reinforced steel doors.
  • 2″ Continuous welded steel hinge.
  • All hand welded design. (No spot welds or rivets)
  • 1 3/4″ x 11 1/2″ Incoming mail slot.
    • 8″ depth of recessed slot design to:
      • Accept small packages.
      • Keep hands out!
  • 7 Pin Tubular lock. (upgradable)
  • High performance powder coating inside and out.
    • Standard Colors (Slate Gray or Glossy Black).
    • Special colors available +$98. (Contact us for specific color.)
    • Free 1-3/4″ vinyl adhesive  address numbers for the front door.
      • Make sure to request specific numbers at time of order
      • Larger side numbers and street name available.
      • Reflective numbers and street name also available.
    • Pre-drilled for our steel posts or racks.
      • Can be installed on a break away (surface mount) post.
  • Can be custom adjusted and upgraded:
    • Any custom solid powder coating color available (+$98 per order).
      • Click HERE for online color chart.
    • Add a steel post (5″ x 5″ x 57″)
      • Surface mount post available.
        • Curb Mounted (For installing on an existing sidewalk).
        • Ground Level (For installing at ground level).
    • *Rear Door access available for additional cost (3 options, same price).
      • Front and rear door keyed alike.
        • If you purchase an upgraded lock, a quantity of 2 would be required.
      • Front fake door and fake lock.  Door is welded shut on the inside.
      • No front door.  It is replaced with a steel plate completley welded.
    • Optional Upgradable Lock Options:
  • Dimensions: (12″H x 12″W x 23″L).
Weight96 lbs
Dimensions12 × 12 × 23 in

Glossy Black, Slate Gray, Custom Color + $98 (contact us for desired color)

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