Extra Keys

Everybody loses keys, it happens! Make sure that you are never locked out of your Fort Knox Mailbox which we know are not easy to get into without keys, so be prepared. 2 Keys come standard with a Fort Knox Mailbox. Only when a rear door with a second upgraded lock is added will there be 4 included with the mailbox.

If you order extra keys for on existing mailbox, make sure you have access to the inside of it it. Extra keys are usually shipped via USPS to your mailbox, and we don’t want extra keys to be locked up without access to them. Pricing includes free shipping.


Extra Keys


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Extra Keys

EXTRA SLAM-LOCK KEY (+$8 ea.), EXTRA TUBULAR KEY (+$10.00 ea.), EXTRA MEDECO KEY (+$12.00 ea.), EXTRA ABLOY KEY (+$14.00 ea.)