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1/4″ Steel Newspaper Box

A newspaper box makes a handsome addition to your Fort Knox Mailbox. A newspaper box can be welded right to your post or you can have it detachable. Having a 1/4″ Solid Steel Newspaper box will stand up to the strongest of severe blows from unwanted impact. If you ever had the trouble of replacing many standard issue newspaper boxes, we are sure you will appreciate a Fort Knox Newspaper Box.  If you have purchased a Fort Knox Mailbox without a newspaper box and have noticed the need for one, it is still possible to get one of these 25 pound detachable newspaper boxes.  They now come detachable for these (commonly needed) occasions and are powder coated to match your Fort Knox Mailbox.  Available for the small and large posts only.

3 options with this heavy duty paper box.
Option 1:   Welded to the post (Post required)
Option 2:   Detachable with hardware included.
-If ordered with a post, then the post will come with matching holes.
Option 3:    Detachable with small holes but no bracket. This is for custom installs.  (see photos for examples).

Other Choices that you have with this accessory.
Post Size:
– LT Post (Not available for this post).
– Small Post (4″ x 4″ x 57″) – For the Small Standard Mailbox.
– Large Post  (5″x5″x57″) – For the Large Standard, Fortress, Vacationer, Senator, Vaults and Package Box.
– No post needed.  This is for a custom install.  2 small holes will be required for powder coating.  No brackets installed or hardware included.

Powder Coating Color: Glossy Black, Hunter Green or a Custom Color.

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