7-Pin Tubular Pick Proof Lock

This 7 PIN Tubular Lock (with round key) is the lock that comes standard with Fort Knox Mailboxes. It comes with it because it is a great lock that we believe in. It’s going to take some time and noise to get thru this lock, so if you are in a location where your mailbox is in the middle of nowhere, then that is when we suggest upgrading your lock. They are a chrome plated “tubular” 7 pin key lock that is much more durable than the common keyed lock. The cams that hold the Fort Knox Mailbox doors shut are 1/8″ steel which is thick enough to keep out unwanted criminals. Behind our Fort Knox Mailbox locked doors are special setups that help keep the doors securely locked.

The menu below is for ordering an extra lock with optional extra keys. This lock comes included and  installed when ordering a Fort Knox Mailbox.

2 Keys are included with this lock. 1 extra key will give you a total of 3 keys.


7 Pin Tubular Pick Proof Lock

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