Large Ballot Box

36″ x 30″ x 36″ at 550 LBS. (Ballot Box Only)

We know how valuable voting is, and how devastating it can be when ballots are vandalized.  Take extra precautions on protecting valuable ballots with our High Security Ballot Boxes.  Our Fort Knox Ballot Boxes are unlike any available on the market. Made from 1/4″ steel (“4″ gauge), our smallest Ballot Box weighs in at 300 LBS!  One main option is to add front AND rear entry for ballot drop off for walk up and drive up situations.  They come with the ability to be locked in the open and closed positions for on and off voting seasons.  Also included is a tag system for a serial or seal setup for security.  A 40″ heavy duty steel post for in ground mounting is suggested.  For the larger 36″ wide Ballot Box, twin 40” posts are suggested.  If surface mounting is required, then that is available as well. There are three standard sizes to choose from, but we can also make custom sizes to fit your needs.  These Ballot Boxes are able to take punishment if need be.

Pricing is for single quantity.  Call or e-mail for multiple orders!  More information shown below.


Add Rear Door for Ballot Removal

Front and Rear Ballot Drop Off

Add custom side skin sets for both sides

Protective Vinyl Cover

Add a steel rack

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Special Features on our Fort Knox Ballot Boxes:

  • 1/4″ Thick (“2” gauge) steel all welded shell. (No rivets) .
  • 3/16″ Thick and also reinforced welded steel doors.
  • 2″ Continuous welded steel hinges on all doors with 3/8″ thick hinge pin.
  • Recessed doors to defend against prying with large tools (very important!).
  • All hand welded design. (No spot welds or rivets)
  • Locking Ballot Drop Off door in the open AND closed positions (See picture above).
  • 7 Pin Tubular “pick-proof” locks.
    • 2 for upper ballot drop off door and 1 for retrieval door (LG. = 2 locks).
    • All locks are keyed alike per each Ballot Box and County.
    • Upgradable Locks available.
  • Internal Serial Tag lock out. (See picture).
  • Weather resistant with drip edges and recessed slots and doors to keep ballots dry.
  • Anti-water damage drip out design.
    • Water and sand poured in the front slot come back out below on the front of the Ballot Box.
  • Decals “Voting Closed” and “Vote Here” included.
  • High Performance Powder Coating inside and out.
    • Special colors available!
  • Matching 5″ x 5″ x 40″ In-ground steel post (optional).
    • T-Post is the selected post for the 24″ Wide Box
    • Twin posts on a welded rack is the best fit for the large 36″ Box.
    • Optional break away post(s) for surface mounting to existing sidewalk.
  • Can be custom adjusted and upgraded:


*For Ballot capacity, estimates are based on different sized ballots between Counties, and also the amount of measures being voted on that have an effect on the size of each ballot. The figures shown below are from previous County estimates.

Ballot Boxes come with the ability to be locked in both the open and closed positions. All locks are keyed alike per Ballot Box and County. “VOTING CLOSED” and “VOTE HERE” Decals are included with our Ballot Boxes.

Weight 650 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 30 × 36 in