1/4″ Cluster Box Units

C.B.U.s (Cluster Box Units)
Here is some quick information on our CBUs (Cluster Box Units). First off, they are all custom. Our CBUs are completely welded out of a 1/4″ steel frame with 3/16″ steel reinforced doors. There are no rivets or spot welds or even parts that can be removed. Our shell is over 3-4 times thicker than the next heaviest duty CBU available on the market. They are like no other CBU! If you would like a quote, we would need to know what specifics you would be requiring:

Number of Units?
Number of Tenants per Unit?
Need of outgoing mail?
Larger separate package compartments?
In-Ground or Surface Mount (existing sidewalk) Post/Stand?
Zip code for shipping?
Is the location a residence or commercial address?
If a commercial address, do you have a forklift or loading dock?

Keep in mind that these CBUs are not light and our lightest box will be approximately 250LBS, and go up from there. They also require front and rear door access. One side for the mail carrier, and one side for the tenants.  You will need USPS approval for this type of setup.

Please call or email for further details and options.
(800) 206-8067 or e-mail us at mail@fortknoxmailbox.com.