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Outgoing mail or door questions:
Other questions:
Does a mail carrier need a key for a Fort Knox Mailbox? No. For single individual mailboxes a postal carrier will not carry a key.
If there is no key for the mail carrier, then how does he/she get into the Standard Fort Knox Mailbox? Entry for the mail carrier on the Standard mailbox is by tossing the mail into the top incoming mail slot.  The mail then drops down into the locked compartment where only you can remove your mail.
How about entry into the larger mailboxes? Entry for the mail carrier on the larger mailboxes is simply by opening the top unlocked door and tossing your mail into the incoming mail slot just like the smaller mailbox. The mail then drops down into the locked compartment.
How about if I want to send outgoing mail from the Standard mailbox? When this option is added, outgoing mail is placed in the Standard mailbox between the top incoming shelf and the locked door below.  You can fit about 2-4 average letters there.  Outgoing mail must slightly stick out of the mailbox.  Be aware that the outgoing mail can not be locked with this setup.
How about sending outgoing mail on the larger mailboxes? Sending outgoing mail in all the larger mailboxes (Fortress, Vacationer, and Senator) is simplified with a special compartment behind the top, unlocked door.   This door also covers the incoming slot, keeping mail “out of sight, out of mind”.  Plus it keeps the mail out of the weather as well.
My outgoing mail is not locked up? No, your outgoing mail is not locked up by postal standards. Remember, mail carriers will not carry a key. Outgoing mail is optional, but we suggest you take important outgoing mail directly do a post office or locked postal box.  Incoming mail will always be safe and secure. (Credit card statements, checks, insurance forms, etc.)
How do I get packages locked up? Our popular Slam-Lock can be added to any of our mailboxes, and is included on some models (Senator and Package Box). If you receive several packages through the mail, then we suggest adding ths popular Slam-Lock. Here is how this lock works: When you open the mailbox with your key, and remove the mail from the mailbox, you will leave the door slightly ajar. The mailbox will appear to be locked, and will have no mail inside. The door is then ready for the mail carrier to open using the included knob. The mail carrier places your mail and packages inside of the mailbox and then shuts the door and it automatically locks. You will come with a key to get your mail out. If you are gone several days, the mail carrier will still have access to the top slot to deliver your mail. The Package Box does not come standard with a slot, but can be added.
My street is very busy, so is it possible to get a rear access door on a Fort Knox Mailbox? Yes, you can have a rear locking door added to all Fort Knox Mailboxes so that you can access it from the back of the mailbox, and still have access to the front as well. Rear access is available on all post mounted Fort Knox Mailboxes.  We do charge $68 for this special order with three different options. See rear door options when ordering.
Will it hold up and withstand a:

  • Baseball bat?
  • Pumpkin?
  • Sledge Hammer?
  • Rock / Boulder?
  • M-80 (explosive)?
  • Dump Truck?
  • 28 Ton Boom Truck?
  • Tests?
    Answers to withstanding:

  • Baseball bat = Definitely!
  • Pumpkin = Pumpkin Pie!
  • Sledge Hammer = Sure thing!
  • Rock / Boulder = Boing!
  • M-80 (explosive) = A 1/4 stick of dynamite has been tested with only damage to the mail. This 1/4 stick of dynamite is equivilant to the force of four average M-80 bombs together at once. Your mail will be ashes, but they won’t steal it!
  • Dump Truck = Pulled the mailbox out of the ground with 180 pounds of concrete & dragged it down the street for about 100 ft. A little exterior paint patching and it was back to work the next day receiving mail.
  • 28 Ton Boom Truck = Let’s just say there was more damage to the boom truck!
  • Tests = Click HERE to see how our mailboxes passed the test!
    • Not to mention postal approval tests!
    • The M1-LT may not hold up as good as our thicker mailboxes, but it is still the second strongest on the market.
What are these Fort Knox Mailboxes made of? 1/4″ steel is what they are made of.  Most skyscrapers and bridges are made of the same material. Now it’s used for making the strongest mailbox on the market today. Check out this page by clicking here on how durable our mailboxes really are.  The M1-LT is made out of 1/8″ steel (11 gauge).
1/4″ steel…. Is it necessary to be that strong? YES, by working with these mailboxes for over 20 years now, we have replaced MANY other mailboxes that claimed to be indestructible.  Still there are no reports of a Fort Knox Mailbox being damaged beyond repair.  All mailboxes installed are still up and running to this date.
1/8″ steel…. Is it strong enough with the M1-LT mailbox? All Fort Knox Mailboxes except for the M1-LT mailbox are 1/4″ steel.  We believe 1/4″ steel is the way to go to defend your mail.  Sometimes that isn’t needed in certain situations. 1/8″ steel is still thicker than anything you can get at a hardware store.  With the design of the mailbox, it will certainly keep your mail safe from most attempts of break-ins.
Your mailbox is welded, and not riveted? How is that any better? All Fort Knox Mailboxes are welded, no rivets.  Welding actually bonds the two metals together while riveted boxes are held together by just the rivets. The seam on a riveted box can be a potential entry for thieves.
What is Powder Coating? And how is that better than paint? You should search out how powder coating is better than paint for the environment.  There are many more advantages, and we then take it a step higher.  We not only use a high performance powder coating, but we also double coat all of our products.
Do you have a guarantee? We have a 5,2,1 guarantee. For more details, click HERE.
What if my mailbox is damaged, and needs repairs? Unfortunately accidents happen, and also vandals can do the unthinkable. Our mailboxes can take a great deal of punishment, but the best coating available on these mailboxes can be damaged with the proper beating.  Gratefully, we have a paint that matches our powder coating standard colors for a quick fix to keep your mailbox looking good again.  Click HERE for more information.
Can I get another color besides the two color options you have? Yes, you can pick any solid color you want. You can even send us a sample of what color you would like and we can match it as best as possible. Keep in mind that there are color and texture variations from paint to powder coating. There are also color variations from monitors when picking colors online. There is a $98 dollar one time charge for custom colors. For multiple special color mailbox orders, there is only the one time $98 charge.
What options do I have for paying? We accept checks, cashiers checks, money orders, visa, master card, discover, and American Express.
After ordering, how long will it take till I get a mailbox? If we have the mailbox that you want in stock, then it ships within 1 business day.  If the mailbox you want is not in stock then expect anywhere from 3 days to 4 weeks. Call us to see availability of mailboxes and time frame.
Can I add something custom to my mailbox order? Yes, we do special orders all the time. Depending upon what special project or adjustment to your mailbox, we do have a minimum one time charge of $18 for special orders.
Is it possible to track my mailbox after you ship it? Yes, we always automatically send tracking information to your email. If you did not receive this email, first check your junk mail folder. These emails frequently end up there. If there is no tracking email, then feel free to contact us.

  • (800)206-8067
What’s the best way to install a Fort Knox Mailbox? Click HERE to view a diagram for installing a Fort Knox Mailbox. We see this as the best way of installing. Tools and materials needed:

  • Post Hole Digger
  • Shovel
  • Level
  • Tape measure
  • (2) 60 lb. bags of concrete and all that is needed for mixing the concrete.
  • The mailbox w/ post and bolts and wrench (hardware included with post purchase).
  • A strong back, or some help! (mailboxes weigh anywhere from 38 LBS. – 300+ LBS.)
Can you install this Fort Knox Mailbox for us? We understand installing These HEAVY mailboxes can be a project.  We offer local installation in the Rogue Valley of Southern Oregon.  If your existing mailbox is in a sidewalk, we can do that too!  This includes taking out your old mailbox and replacing it with a new Fort Knox Mailbox.  All materials for the installation will be included in the installation price.  We are not able to haul off your old mailbox though.  Just about any “handy man” in the phone book or newspaper can install our mailbox. It’s basically like putting in a fence post.
My mailbox needs to be installed in a cement sidewalk. Can you install my mailbox this way? Yes we can if you are in our installation area.  If we are doing the install, we do charge $30 extra for this type of install.  If you are doing the install then it could be difficult without the right tools.  We suggest you use a cement cutting saw and even a jack hammer.  You will cut through the cement and install the post in dirt through the sidewalk and pour in the new concrete mix after you have put in the new post. Another option is to let us know the height of the post you need and we can get you a break away (surface mount) post. Recommended height is 41″-48″ from the road surface to the top of the mailbox. Let us know if you are on a curb with a sidewalk, or if you are ground level. We can then determine the proper post height needed.
I want to bolt my mailbox post to a cement slab. Is there a possibility for getting a break away (surface mounty) post? Yes. See the previous question. Let us know the height you prefer and we can make it accordingly.  The standard height for a break away post is 36″, but we like to be even more accurate.  Depending on the size of mailbox you have and if you are ground level or up on a curb will help us determine the best height.  We want to make sure your post is at the proper USPS required height.
Where are you located? Grants Pass, Oregon. (Southern Oregon) Click HERE to learn more.
How many keys come with a Fort Knox Mailbox? Two keys come with a Fort Knox Mailbox. If you need more, then let us know. We charge $8-$14 dollars per extra key (depending on the style), but you can have some of our keys duplicated at any local locksmith.  You can also visit our order page at any time to get more keys:

(Abloy and Medeco Keys must be duplicated through us or a licensed Medeco dealer.)

Can I get more than two keys for my mailbox? Yes, you can get more than just two keys per mailbox. We do charge more per key.  If you want to get the keys yourself then you can go to a good locksmith and they can usually make them for you.  We suggest calling your local locksmith to make sure that they are able to duplicate the different keys we have available.  To order more keys, you can click HERE.
What if I lose my keys? Then what do I do? Before you lose your keys, you need to write down the number that is on the set of keys or key tag that you received.  We try and keep your key number on file as well.  If you lose your keys, you can inform us and we can get you the keys from the original manufacturer.  *We are not responsible for keeping your key number on file. If you lose all of your keys then your only option is to call a very good locksmith to get into the mailbox.
I don’t need the post because I have an existing one. Can I get just the mailbox? Yes, mailboxes and posts are sold separately.
How is the post bolted to the mailbox? Click HERE to see another explanation for this. We use carriage bolts with acorn nuts to bolt the mailbox to the post.  Carriage bolts are bolted from underneath through the plate on the post.  The bolts are then fastened on the inside of the mailbox by the acorn nuts.  You must have access to the inside of the mailbox to remove the mailbox from the post.
Why is the post separate from the mailbox? This is due to a couple of reasons.  The mailboxes and posts are much cheaper to ship separately. Plus, if you end up moving, then you can take your mailbox with you.
Your prices seem a little higher than other locking mailboxes. How come? If you do some investigating and check out the prices of other locking mailboxes, you will notice that our prices aren’t really so high when comparing.  Mostly it’s just that many people are used to the traditional $10 mailbox.  Steel is not a cheap material to use, and neither is Powder Coating.  Plus, our mailboxes are personally hand made and all welded with a lot of time involved.  We do encourage you to check out other mailboxes and see the difference for yourself. This is not such a high price when compared to the cost incurred when your mail is stolen, or your mailbox is damaged beyond repair!  Click HERE to compare.
How do I order a Fort Knox Mailbox? You can order online or give us a call.   On our website, you will see an “add to cart” button, and it will take you to an ordering page.  Another option is to e-mail us at and give us your order that way.  (No credit card numbers over e-mail please).
Can I get a discount if I order more than one mailbox? Our discounts start at two mailboxes. The more you order, the more you will save.  We encourage you to call us so that we can work with you and get you the best price. (1-800-206-8067 ).5% off with 2 – 3 mailboxes with posts or custom racks.

  • 5% off with 2 – 3 mailboxes with posts or custom racks.
  • 10% off with 4 – 10 mailboxes with posts or custom racks.
  • 15% off with 11 – 15 mailboxes with posts or custom racks.
  • 20% off with 16 – 20 mailboxes with posts or custom racks.
  • 21+ mailboxes, please call or e-mail HERE for discounts.
  • Prices on the CBU units are priced separately, please call or e-mail for a quote.
  • Discounts already figured into custom steel rack pricing (prices shown below).
Who can be a distributor for Fort Knox Mailbox? Distributors for Fort Knox Mailboxes can range from the larger business to single people selling on a smaller scale. Interested in selling for Fort Knox Mailbox? Give us a call, or e-mail us for further information.
Can your mailbox be installed on a break away post? Yes, we have many installed on break away (surface mount) posts. Those break away posts are made to detach from the ground after a certain amount of pressure (by a vehicle) against the post. These posts are made mostly for state highways or people who have existing sidewalks.
I have a cement slab or sidewalk where my mailbox needs to be installed. What options do I have? You have a couple options here.  First is to break through the cement and install the mailbox like normal.  Or you can give us the height that you need your mailbox at, and we can custom make you a post so that you can then bolt that post to the cement slab.
Can I get just the post from you? Yes, you can get just a post from us.  You can order from our post page HERE.
Can I get a larger mailbox on a smaller post, or a smaller mailbox on a larger post? Yes, you can request this. It is a special order and there is a $18 charge for this. Reason is because mailboxes are all made at once.  Larger mailboxes are made for larger posts, while smaller mailboxes are made for the smaller posts.
I would like to be a distributor of your mailbox. How can I do so? If you are interested then please contact us by email.
Are the posts included in the price of the mailbox? No, the price does not include the steel post.  You can order the mailbox with or without a post. 
What are the posts made of? To begin with, the posts are different between the M1-LT Mailbox, the small standard mailbox, and all the other larger mailboxes. The only difference is the width of the post. (2.5″ x 2.5″ for the M1-LT mailbox, 4″ x 4″ for the Small Standard mailbox, and 5″ x 5″ for the larger mailboxes) Mainly just for looks, but both offer the same strength. They are all made of the same 1/8″ steel square tubing. They then have a welded plate for mounting the Fort Knox Mailbox which is then fastened with carriage bolts on top of the post.
Can these Fort Knox Mailboxes be installed in brick, stone, or concrete? Yes, many of our mailboxes have been installed in many encasements.  Special orders have been made to install in a fence with rear retrieval. Many special orders have been used, but for brick, stone, you can install them as is.  Some will ask for the flag separate in order to place it in the brick column. Let us know what type of install you are looking to do, and we can offer some assistance.
How long does it take for shipping, and should I order in advance? Ordering in advance is always a good idea.  We do carry most mailboxes in stock, and can ship those out same or next business day.  Shipping is done mostly by FedEx or UPS ground on small orders, and freight on larger orders.  Both carriers average 1-6 business days.  If we do not have the mailbox you would like in stock, then expect anywhere from 3 days to 4 weeks for production.  Please contact us for an estimated time frame.  For freight on special large orders, the delivery time can be the next day to six day’s.
Can you put street numbers and addresses on the mailboxes? Yes, we do that quite often.  Ask us, and for free we will put your street number on the front door.  If you would like some larger numbers and the street name on the side of the mailbox there is a charge.  The numbers and letters we use are durable vinyl lettering.  Ask us also if you would like reflective lettering as well. You can see more photos on each individual mailbox page.
Do you have any distributors where I can buy directly from? Yes we do! Please call or e-mail us for possible dealers in your area.
Where can I see these Fort Knox Mailboxes in person? Our suggestion would be if your in the North West to come by and see us.  (Call us if your able to visit Southern Oregon and we will give you the directions.).   Call or e-mail us for possible dealers in your area.
Are your mailboxes post master general approved? All our models are approved except for the Small Standard Mailbox.  Delivery is still guaranteed for the Small Standard Mailboxes.  For more information on this, please call or e-mail us.
If not approved, then will they still deliver to a Fort Knox Mailbox? Yes, we will guarantee delivery to our Small Standard Mailbox. Delivery is required as long as it is in no way harmful to the mail carrier, and installed at the proper height and distance for curb delivery.
Why don’t you have shipping calculated when ordering online? The reason for not having shipping calculated is due to the fact that we sell many of our mailboxes down the West Coast and deliver and then offer installation as well. We can usually deliver our mailboxes less than shipping when with a post.  Don’t hesitate to ask us for a quick shipping quote!
How do you ship? We ship either FedEx or UPS Ground or Freight depending on the size of the order.  The reason for not having shipping calculated is due to the fact that we sell many of our mailboxes local for pickup and installation.  Don’t hesitate to ask us for a quick delivery or install quote if your local!
What carriers do you use to ship? Depending upon the quantity of the order, and what product you choose depends on what carrier we use. We have the ability to use FedEx or UPS ground for single smaller mailboxes, but then use many different freight companies for delivering larger orders.
If you have any questions not listed here please feel free to e-mail us.

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