1st Email:

“I had my Fort Knox mailbox hit three times (all hit and run). After the second time the box, along with the concrete, was knocked out the ground (pictures above) I “wisely” reset the box with 8 bags of concrete (w/rebar reinforcement). Thus, the third time it was hit it was a real pain in the *$# to deal with! I learned my lesson… cut the post off at the ground, had a welding shop extend the post to 6′, and reset it… this time with much less concrete.”

2nd Email:

“Hello, Glad you got the photos. The problems we’ve had since we switched to the Fort Knox Mailbox aren’t as annoying as having to constantly replace vandalized mailboxes. Resetting the Fort Knox box every couple of years is better than buying and replacing a cheaper box every 3 months! Joe S.”


Takes a lickn’ and keeps on tickn’. I’d like to see another mailbox go through that!

– Thanks !